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Sell gold and silver jewellery for cash at Andrews Jewellers

As one of Ipswich’s longest-standing jewellers, at Andrews we offer to purchase precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum over the counter in exchange for cash or a cheque. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have many years of experience in valuing and buying gold and other precious metals. We will be able to provide a same-day quotation providing we have good means of identifying the weight, quality and condition of your jewellery. Simply visit us in-store, located on the Butter Market, to find out more.

How the gold buying process works

If you are thinking of selling your scrap gold or silver bullion in Ipswich, at Andrews we endeavour to make the process as painless as possible. We will happily buy from those looking to sell jewellery no longer worn as well as those looking to cash in on inheritance from loved ones. Our experts will then weigh your precious metals, (if gold) verify the carat, determine how much fine gold your jewellery contains and test all items that aren’t hallmarked. We keep a close eye on global precious metal prices to ensure we provide the fairest price when buying your gold jewellery

Proof of identity and address required

In order to complete the sale of your jewellery at Andrews, please ensure you bring formal proof of identification and address, the latter of which must be dated within the last three months. We are duty bound to keep detailed records of precious metals bought from our customers. It is illegal for us to purchase second-hand goods of any kind from someone under the age of 16. It is also an offence for our customers selling second-hand gold to provide a false name or address, which is why we take personal identification seriously.

Types of gold jewellery accepted

We will accept the following types of precious metals to purchase in-store:

  • 24 carat gold – gold in its purest form, consisting of 99.9% gold
  • 18 carat gold – gold jewellery comprising of 75% pure gold, combined with other metals e.g. copper or silver
  • 9 carat gold – gold jewellery comprising of 37.5% pure gold, combined with other metals e.g. copper or silver
  • Scrap gold bullion
  • Scrap silver bullion
  • Palladium
  • Platinum